Wild Nutrition Launches Products in Harrods


Wild Nutrition®, innovative provider of bespoke food supplements, is launching 3 unique products exclusively for Harrods. The Food-Grown™ bio-available supplements combine pioneering Food-State and whole food ingredients.

The new products, created exclusively for the landmark store, comprise of 3 box sets designed to support the general wellbeing of men, women and children. Each box contains 3 supplement formulations and a nutritional plan written by Founder Henrietta Norton.

Co-Founder Charlie Norton commented: “It is an exciting opportunity for us to further expand our premium products into such a unique marketplace.”

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Wild Nutrition

Wild Nutrition

Wild Nutrition® is a provider of bio-available, bespoke food supplements that combines pioneering Food-State and whole-food ingredients, expertly formulated for each gender and life-stage. The pioneering Food-State technology provides nutrients in the ultimate body-ready form for superior absorption. This unique delivery process reflects a deep respect for the body’s own healing ability.
Wild Nutrition is proud to be leaders in this new revolution of Food supplements.