Well&Truly was launched to fill a gap in the market for a brand with great tasting, on-the-go and snacking products that were also better for you.

With 55% of the UK population buying into FreeFrom, Well&Truly knew that allergen-free products were extremely important, but that additional benefits such as less fat and sugar were vital too.

Put simply, Well&Truly’s mission is to offer consumers a better, healthier alternative that doesn’t compromise on taste. Their gluten-free tortilla chips are a great example of this – they contain 40% less fat than regular tortilla chips and have no trans fats, artificial additives or preservatives.

The investment and mentoring from the Clark Group will help Well&Truly overcome the challenges in this market, including scaling up production, logistics and marketing across various distribution channels.


Well&Truly took on investment in late 2015 to help fund growth.

Since then, the brand has announced listings with both Tesco and Wholefoods. By February 2016, Well&Truly’s healthier tortilla chips had been listed with 1,000 Tesco stores nationwide. Its refreshing tomato gazpacho drink has also been listed with Wholefoods.

New product lines and further expansion into new channels are planned for this year and beyond.  The FreeFrom segment of the market is enjoying healthy levels of growth. Well&Truly’s range of products aims to give consumers a healthier choice when selecting a snack on-the-go.

Our aim is to offer consumers tasty and better for you alternatives to everyday snacks and on-the-go products.

Well&Truly likes to keep things simple.

The brand makes it easy to make healthy, tasty choices every single day. Its food is 100% goodness guaranteed. That means it only uses all-natural, real ingredients – the same ones you use to make the delicious recipes you love in your own kitchen.

Well&Truly believes less is moreish so it never uses anything artificial – no-GMO and no nasties of any kind. It sources all of its ingredients from Nature and makes sure every one is there for a reason – to bring great-tasting, good food to the table.

Well&Truly wants to get the world to Eat Well & Live Truly. And if its food helps people to feel happier and healthier, then that’s Well & Truly’s mission accomplished.



  • Sara Trechman
    Co-Founder, Well&Truly
    Sara Trechman
    Co-Founder, Well&Truly

    Sara, co-founder of Well&Truly, has over 10 years experience of heading up marketing departments across multiple industries.

    She has extensive knowledge of launching new brands within the UK. Including the launch of Optimum Nutrition across EMEA which became the #1 Sports Nutrition Brand in 3 years.

  • Maria Trechman
    Co-Founder, Well&Truly
    Maria Trechman
    Co-Founder, Well&Truly

    Maria is Co-Founder of Well&Truly. She's a Swedish National and has been involved within the Consumer Goods Industry since her teens via the Family Business in Sweden.

    This passion for consumer goods then led to 7 years of world class experience in both Marketing & Sales with L’Oreal UK in London.